About the Artist

My sculpting style is “Idealized Realism”. Preferring animals and the human form, I idealize my subjects and strive to bring life to the sculpture. I hope to put a lasting powerful image of the animal in people’s minds.  I want people to come away with adoration and reverence for the animals I represent. Hopefully, people will realize the majesty and greatness of the natural world.

I am fascinated by the skeleton and skeletal muscle of both wildlife and the human body. I have dedicated my life to studying and researching anatomy in order to capture the genuine structure of my subjects.

I have always loved sculpture and became inspired by masters like Bernini and Michelangelo. Modern artists such as Ken Rowe, a wildlife sculptor, and Frank Frazetta, an amazing illustrator, continue to push me into new ways of representing my subjects.

As a child through adulthood, I have gained my artistic skills though thousands of hours spent drawing and pouring over anatomy and wildlife books.   As a concept artist, I developed new creatures and races for games and books which has been invaluable in my sculpting career.

The catalyst for my sculpting career began with a 5-day workshop with the renowned wildlife sculptor, Ken Rowe, in Sedona, Arizona in early 2011. It was there I learned the technical skills of building the armature.